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A billboard of US president-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Danilovgrad, Montenegro. Reuters/Stevo Vasiljevic

Beware of misleaders who thrive on fear and capitalise on crises

The world needs great leaders who thrive on making a positive difference to people’s lives and not on festering fear and war mongering.
Bad leaders are bad news – for their followers and for the world as a whole. Shutterstock

Global leadership is in crisis – it’s time to stop the rot

There’s a widening global crisis in the legitimacy and credibility of leadership. It can be attributed to five sources: unable; unintelligent; immature; immoral and/or destructive leadership.
Ultimately, it was Julia Gillard’s failure to find a ‘narrative’ to weave her policies together that cost her the Labor leadership to a more opportunistic Kevin Rudd. AAP/Alan Porritt

Rudd’s return marks the victory of opportunist politics

The morning Julia Gillard was deposed as Australia’s prime minister many of the British newspapers carried a picture of her knitting a present for the future heir to the British (and presumably) Australian…
No blood was spilt today in parliament, but we still had a leadership spill. Spill image from

Explainer: how does a leadership spill work?

After a harrowing day in parliament, the Labor party saw a leadership spill and Prime Minister Gillard was returned as leader. The only thing was… no one contested the top spot and Julia Gillard’s name…
The ongoing leadership tensions inside the Labor government are only damaging the party’s long term health. AAP/Julian Smith

In order to win the war, Labor must be prepared to lose the battle

There’s something a little thrilling about a bit of leadership biffo. However, when such talk shows little sign of abatement, as it has in respect to Gillard’s leadership of the ALP, then the thrill factor…
“Business as usual” isn’t an option for Prime Minister Julia Gillard if she wants to look like a leader. AAP

How Gillard should think the unthinkable and look like a leader

Now that the party’s votes are in, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has to make up ground with the voters. The polls are indicating the Labor Government is in deep trouble. Kevin Rudd was nothing if not analytical…
Julia Gillard claimed a definitive victory this morning: now the hard work begins. AAP

Gillard vs Rudd: the best of The Conversation’s coverage

From Kevin Rudd’s surprise resignation last week to this morning’s galvanising ballot, The Conversation has kept you up-to-date with analysis from Australia’s foremost academic political analysts. Just…

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