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The collapse of Lehman Brothers was a pivotal moment in the most recent financial crisis. The next crash may feature another bank failure. Reuters

What will the next financial crisis look like – and are we ready?

The subprime crisis and the subsequent failure of Lehman Brothers came as such a shock – and the repercussions were so severe that when the time came to mount a response, policy makers were as surprised…
A banking crash killed the Wall St bull market. Robin Stevens

Banking’s future depends on learning lessons from the past

A bank in trouble negotiates with its regulatory authorities and other banks for support, but is refused a bail out and closes abruptly, sparking a global contraction as its obligations are left unhonoured…
Parliament in the early 1800s: good at resolving banking crises.

Response to past crises shames post-Lehman dithering

The fifth anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ demise is an opportune moment to take stock and contextualise what has happened since. And one good way to do so is to compare this government’s policy response…
Investment bank for sale, no careful owners. John Stillwell/PA

Banking’s Lehman lesson is that change must be cultural

This weekend will see the 5th anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, an event that tipped the world into economic crisis and shoved banking into the spotlight. The critical state of the world’s…
More of the same: the UK government’s banking reform bill is merely another capitulation to the banking lobby. AAP

UK banking reform bill won’t curb reckless risk-taking

Some four and-a-half years after the banking crisis that has resulted in massive public debt and a deep austerity program, the UK government has finally unveiled its Financial Services (Banking Reform…
A rare win for investors: Litigation funder IMF (Australia) helped fund a class action case against Grange Securities, which was found to have misled unsophisticated investors. AAP

Too late for Storm, but bank liability the lesson from Wingecarribee

Justice Steven J. Rares was blunt when he handed down his judgement in the long-running class action, Wingecarribee Shire Council vs. Lehman Brothers Australia, last week. Grange Securities, a subsidiary…
The Federal Court has ordered Lehman Brothers to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation to three local Australian councils. Ozdos

Understanding the Federal Court’s landmark ruling against Lehman Brothers

“How was it that relatively unsophisticated Council officers came to invest many millions of ratepayers’ funds in these specialised financial instruments? That is the fundamental question at the heart…

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