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Out with the old, in with the new. Chris Radburn/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Cover story: Lib Dem manifesto tries to offer something for everyone

The Liberal Democrats have released the front page of their 2015 manifesto, featuring five key policy points. The design makes full use of the traditional Lib Dem rhombus, which is a part of their electoral…
Even Nick’s crystal ball has done a runner. PA

Too big and too small: Lib Dems just can’t win in a crowded field

The UK’s smaller political parties have been showered with attention of late. We’ve seen Green Party leader Natalie Bennett interviewed on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show – one of the most coveted media platforms…
Louise Mensch was one of the first single-termers to leave our current parliament. Stefan Wermuth/PA Archive

The arrival (and departure) of the parliamentary single-termers

All university admissions tutors know about single-termers. They are those students – some badly advised and intellectually bewildered, others more devious – who decide around mid-November that they want…
If you stay very still, it can’t see you. Oli Scarff/PA Archive

2014: the year the old guard woke up to multi-party politics

Psephologists have been warning for decades now that multi-party politics is on the rise in the UK, but for most of the time they have been ignored. Everything changed in 2014 though, and the old guard…
Say it loud, say it clear. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Labour has fumbled immigration – but there may be a way out

Ed Miliband has admitted that Labour is “on a journey” when it comes to immigration. He has promised that his party “will never again turn our backs on people who are worried about immigration” but also…
Salmond sets out to march on London once more. Thierry Ehrmann

Exactly why does Alex Salmond want to return to Westminster?

Alex Salmond’s confirmation that he will contest the general election in 2015 completes what must count as one of the shortest retirements in British political history. While the pro-independence campaign…

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