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That’s one sad Mac. nickkellet

iWorm hack shows Macs are vulnerable too

The computer operating systems and applications we use today have often evolved over many years, decades even, and contain tens or hundreds of millions of lines of code. Flaws in that code – and there…
Saving your old Windows XP. Flickr/MBK Marjie

Open source gives new life to old Windows XP machines

As the sun sets on Microsoft’s support for Windows XP this may be a great time to think about trying out a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) operating system for your still-working PC. This is especially…
Despite their educational appeal, the majority of Pis sold have been bought by middle-aged hobbyists. Yan Arief via Flickr

Is the Raspberry Pi an innovation in computer training, or just another toy?

This week the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that they had manufactured 1 million Raspberry Pi computers in the UK. In an age when the very thought of manufacturing anything outside of China would be…

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