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Dogs are the source of the majority of human rabies deaths around the world. M. Lehmkuhler/Flickr

Explainer: the rabies virus

The island of Bali has pledged to be free of the rabies by 2020 and has begun culling stray dogs in an effort to control the virus. Rabies was first detected in Bali in November 2008 and has since claimed…

Leave bat handling to the experts

Many people ignore public warnings not to touch bats, particularly when sick or injured, when the health risk is highest…
Heavy-handed strategies won’t reduce the risk of bat-borne diseases and will be detrimental to the environment. Flickr/mdavidford

Breaking up bat colonies doesn’t eliminate health risks

The recent tragic death of a young boy from Australian bat lyssavirus (ABL) produced a predictable chorus of calls to disperse flying fox colonies and kill flying foxes, all in the name of public health…
The global focus on emerging infectious disease has turned to bats since they were identified as the probable source of SARS. Toby Mann

First Hendra, now bat lyssavirus, so what are zoonotic diseases?

The last 30 years have seen a rise in emerging infectious diseases in humans, of which more than 70% are zoonotic. Zoonoses are diseases that normally exist in animals but have the potential to transmit…

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