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Le ministre marocain des Affaires étrangères, Nasser Bourita, (à droite) accueille son homologue israélien, Yair Lapidis, à Rabat, en août 2021. La normalisation des relations entre ces deux pays a précipité la rupture des relations diplomatiques maroco-algériennes. EPA-EFE/Alal Morchidi

Pourquoi l'Algérie a-t-elle rompu ses relations diplomatiques avec le Maroc et quelles en sont les conséquences pour l'avenir ?

Au cours de la décennie écoulée, le Maroc a exploité la léthargie de la diplomatie algérienne et la paralysie de son système politique pour servir ses propres intérêts au détriment de l'Algérie.
Moroccan foreign minister Nasser Bourita (R) welcomes his Israeli counterpart Yair Lapidis to Rabat, in August 2021. The normalisation of relations between the two precipitated the breakup of Moroccan-Algerian diplomatic ties. EPA-EFE/Alal Morchidi

Why Algeria cut diplomatic ties with Morocco: and implications for the future

In the last decade, Morocco exploited the lethargy of Algeria’s diplomacy and the paralysis of the political system to advance its interests, often to the detriment of Algeria
The rebellious French generals Edmond Jouhaud, Raoul Salan, and Maurice Challe (from left to right) leave the General Delegation in April 23, 1961 in Algiers, after taking power (with General Zeller) to oppose the Algerian policy of General de Gaulle. The Public Salvation Committee intended to preserve French Algeria was formed on 13 May 1958 with General Massu as its president. AFP

‘I understood you!’: May 1958, the return of De Gaulle and the fall of France’s Fourth Republic

In May 1958 General de Gaulle returned to power and established the Fifth Republic. Yet despite the monumental changes of that time, many in France today still don’t understand what really happened.
The opening ceremony of an exercise organized by the US military in Ndjamena, Chad earlier this year to take on Boko Haram. Reuters/Emmanuel Braun

How the US is expanding its fight against extremism in Africa

Apart from numerous worldwide threats including from China, Iran, North Korea and Russia, the US is taking more notice of Africa due to the expansion of extremist organisations on the continent.

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