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Could a Turnbull-Abbott partnership be the circuit breaker the government needs? Lukas Coch/AAP

Is it time for Treasurer Malcolm Turnbull?

In the wake of Monday’s attempted Liberal leadership spill, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott clearly needs to do something to shore up support. He’s been offered all manner of unsolicited advice…
Since Kevin Rudd welcomed Tony Abbott to The Lodge 17 months ago, startling parallels between the prime ministerial struggles of the two populist leaders have emerged. AAP/Alan Porritt

Problem with cut-through politics is leaders can swiftly be cut down

The unsuccessful Liberal leadership spill on Monday arose from two disjunctures: between the electorate and the political class, and the leadership and backbench. This former disjuncture has occurred since…
Prime Minister Tony Abbott arrived with a large group of MPs, including deputy leader Julie Bishop. AAP/Mick Tsikas

Abbott left deeply wounded by narrow victory

Tony Abbott has held at bay a move to depose him. The Liberal party room voted against a spill motion by 61 to 39 – but the…
Prime Minister Tony Abbott needs not just to see off the spill motion. A significant dissident vote would leave him a dead leader walking. AAP/Quentin Jones

Newspoll delivers public’s indictment of Abbott as he faces Liberals’ verdict

Liberal MPs who must decide whether to spill the leadership are confronted by a Newspoll that’s truly shocking for embattled Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Labor has a massive 57-43% lead in two-party terms…
If Prime Minister Tony Abbott fends off the spill motion the size of the margin is important. AAP/Nikki Short

Liberals do a fine imitation of Labor chaos

Liberal MPs will confront a stark choice next week between propping up a deeply wounded prime minister or trying a fresh start. They know each course is fraught with big risks. With the crucial vote not…
Malcolm Turnbull rides the train to a politics in the pub event on Thursday night. Twitter

Grattan on Friday: Abbott should step down in favour of Turnbull

When Malcolm Turnbull appeared at Thursday night’s politics in the pub on the NSW central coast the first questioner demanded to know whether he was interested in being leader. Turnbull dodged around but…
Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s press club address was more pedestrian than inspiring. AAP/Mick Tsikas

Wounded Abbott casts his future as character test for colleagues

The Liberal Party remains volatile and Tony Abbott’s position precarious after a National Press Club performance that avoided disaster but did not convince the doubters among his followers. Abbott gave…
Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he regretted the distraction his knighthood for Prince Philip had caused in the Queensland election campaign. AAP/Wayne King

New poll blow to Abbott on eve of crucial speech

The Abbott government would face a devastating rebuff if an election were held now, losing some 36 seats on a uniform 7.5…
Treasurer Joe Hockey has sought to make a virtue of what will be a substantial worsening of the projected deficits. AAP/Lukas Coch

Some barnacles can’t be removed in time for Christmas

Some barnacles are not, it seems, able to be removed – certainly not in time for Christmas. As the political year grinds to its end, the Prime Minister’s Office is under almost as much attack as that of…
Service providers will be given more responsibility when it comes to stopping illegal downloads … but will it be a deterrent? m01229/Flickr

Forced negotiations and industry codes won’t stop illegal downloads

Attorney-General George Brandis and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced yesterday that they expect internet service providers (ISPs) to work with copyright owners to help police infringement…
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been floated by anonymous sources to journalists as an alternative to Treasurer Joe Hockey. AAP/Alan Porritt

Government can’t get its university changes through parliament but can spend taxpayer dollars promoting them

Among its many problems, the Abbott government is showing distinctly cannibalistic tendencies. It’s not just a matter of the odd leak, which happens in the healthiest of administrations. This is serious…
Malcolm Turnbull and the government have been unapologetic after breaking a pre-election pledge not to cut the ABC’s budget. AAP/Nikki Short

ABC feels pain of broken promise: prepare for cut-price broadcasting

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a further cut to Australia’s public broadcasters. The ABC’s budget will be slashed around 4.6% per year, or A$254 million in total, over the next…

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