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Liverpool and Manchester City pause to remember the dead of Hillsborough. Peter Byrne/PA

Hillsborough’s lesson – don’t fear the crowd

It is the 25th anniversary of the worst sporting tragedy in the UK: the Hillsborough football disaster, where 96 Liverpool fans died at an FA cup semi-final game against Nottingham Forest. As a mark of…
You’ve come a long way, baby: David Cameron signs Shimon Peres’s visitors book. EPA/Dan Balitly

Tory attitudes to Israel have a tangled history

Addressing the Israeli Knesset recently, David Cameron proclaimed himself “a British prime minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable, and whose commitment to Israel’s security will always be rock…
The miners shouted, but most of the media wasn’t listening. PA

Miners’ strike the first IR dispute won and lost in the media

On 5 March 1984 workers downed tools at Cortonwood Colliery in South Yorkshire, in protest at the Conservative government’s plans to close pits across the country. A week later, National Union of Mineworkers…
The Golden Temple is one of Sikhism’s most important sites. Claude Renault

UK role in 1984 temple raid will affect British Sikh identity

This year, the commemorations of the centenary of World War I will recognise the contribution of the approximately 130,000 Sikh soldiers who fought for the British Army in the Great War. These martial…
The sexism surrounding Australia’s first female prime minister Julia Gillard is nothing new for women in power: Britain’s first female PM Margaret Thatcher suffered similar. AAP/Tony McDonough

The gender wars: Thatcher and Gillard as ‘women’

The denigration of the first female Australian prime minister on the basis of her gender echoes that endured by the first female prime minister of Great Britain. While Julia Gillard has suffered the juvenile…
Demonstrations over the death of Margaret Thatcher have raised questions about the morality of celebrating death. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

Burying Thatcher: why celebrating death is still wrong

A funeral ceremony will take place for former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in London’s St Paul’s Cathedral. Outside, protesters will be turning their backs on the coffin as it passes through…
The death of British prime minister Margaret Thatcher has led to ‘celebrations’ across the UK - including a campaign to get ‘Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead’ to number one on the music charts. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

Will history remember the ‘Ding-Dong!’ over Margaret Thatcher?

After much controversy, the BBC last night played a seven second clip of Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead on its traditional Sunday night music chart show. The song had been the subject of an internet campaign…
Julia Gillard’s appearance is regularly commented on: is it just another way to talk about her gender? AAP/Alan Porritt

Gender bias: why appearance focus fuels sexism in media

Much has been written in the past few days about the legacy of the late British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, including many mentions of her hair. It is difficult to imagine similar attention being…
British PM Margaret Thatcher meets with her Australian counterpart Malcolm Fraser in 1979 - what was her lasting effect on politics here? AAP/National Archives

Both left and right: Thatcher’s undeniable influence on Australian politics

Margaret Thatcher’s years as British prime minister from 1979 to 1990 coincided with an era of political upheaval in Australia. The exhaustion of Malcolm Fraser’s “Menziesian” liberalism was followed by…
Margaret Thatcher was a female trailblazer, but never considered herself a feminist: and her example has failed to usher in another female PM or boost female MP numbers. EPA/Andy Rain

Margaret Thatcher was reformer and trailblazer - but not a feminist

The death of the first - and so far only - female British prime minister raises the question of how to judge her contribution to feminism and leadership. Given that only now we have our first female PM…
Instituting policies of ‘class warfare’ was a key criticism of late British PM Margaret Thatcher (right) as well as of her Chilean contemporary Augusto Pinochet, pictured here with his wife. EPA/Ian Jones

Thatcher, Pinochet and the legacy of class warfare

In Australia, Martin Ferguson has recently condemned the “class war rhetoric” of the Labor party, but on Monday morning (UK time) one of the world’s greatest class warriors passed away. Margaret Thatcher…
Late British prime minister Margaret Thatcher leaves a lasting legacy through her ‘Thatcherism’ policies she instituted during her premiership. EPA/Gerry Penny

The death of Margaret Thatcher, and the legacy of ‘Thatcherism’

On the eve of her resignation as British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher pondered her options. In a little over 36 hours time it seemed likely the parliamentary Conservative party would again refuse…
Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, pictured with current PM David Cameron at 10 Downing St, has passed away at the age of 87. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

Baroness Margaret Thatcher passes away

Margaret Thatcher, Baroness of Kesteven, has died of a stroke aged 87. The first female prime minister of the United Kingdom, Thatcher held office between 1979 and 1990 before being removed in an internal…

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