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Articles on Marine heatwaves

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At a depth of more than 60 metres, the gorgonians are healthy, colourful and in good condition, protected from the rise in temperature. Alexis Rosenfeld/Unesco

The deep Mediterraneen: a temporary refuge for gorgonian coral forests facing marine heat waves

In the Mediterranean, heat waves are decimating underwater forests that are essential to ecosystems. The gorgonians seem to be better able to resist in the depths, but this refuge may only be temporary.
The costs of climate change are clear with the flood devastation in Lybia simply being the latest grim example. What is also clear is that traditional policymaking has failed and climate assemblies may provide a novel and more equitable path forward. (AP Photo/Jamal Alkomaty)

How climate assemblies can help Canada tackle the climate crisis

Climate assemblies may just provide the breakthrough required to develop popular, just and sustainable climate and energy policies.
Mass coral bleaching in 2014 left the Coral Reef Monitoring Program monitoring site at Cheeca Rocks off the Florida Keys a blanket of white. NOAA

Corals are starting to bleach as global ocean temperatures hit record highs

Water temperatures in the 90s off Florida in July are alarming, a NOAA coral scientist writes. Scientists in several North American countries have already spotted coral bleaching off their coasts.

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