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Articles on Marine life

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Boat noise can interfere with the underwater communication of fishes and other marine animals. Unsplash

The fishy problem of underwater noise pollution

The noise from motor boats, sonar and other industrial activity interferes with the underwater chatter of fishes.
Artificial islands can cause huge environmental issues for coastlines. The Forest City Project

Future ‘ocean cities’ need green engineering above and below the waterline

Artificial islands that are now mushrooming across the ocean are regarded as ‘engineering marvels’. But, little attention is paid to how these human-made structures affect sea life.
Living alongside humans gets noisier all the time. Katrina Burgers/

Your drive to the shops makes life pretty noisy for whales

From the oil that makes your petrol, to car parts, to the groceries and other things in your weekly shop, retail consumerism is driving a boom in the amount of noise in the world’s oceans.
Great white photobomb. George T. Probst/NOAA/Flickr

Ocean life: 5 essential reads

The world’s oceans are home to innumerable life forms, from sponges to sea lions, and scientists have many creative ways of studying them.

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