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Violent rhetoric appeals to disaffected young men because it gives them a challenge to express aggression as ‘proof’ of manhood. Sillouetted children playing as soldiers/Shutterstock

Masculinity and terror: the missing conversation

Recent coverage of counterterrorism raids in Australia featured hard-core gyms, anabolic steroids, nightclub bouncers, gangs and weapons. Footage from the Middle East regularly depicts truckloads of young…
Almost a quarter of Australians believe domestic violence can be excused if the attacker can’t control their anger. Halfpoint/Shutterstock

Why don’t we speak up when we see signs of domestic violence?

Have you cringed when a friend was degraded by her partner in public? Or felt uncomfortable because your friend’s partner continually rings to check her whereabouts? Is your friend’s partner intimidating…
Women are now established in the workforce, but are still required to conform to expectations of femininity. Shutterstock/Pressmaster

Women face a Catch 22 despite three-decade shift in gender roles

Research on gender roles has shown that individuals consider men to embody more masculine (e.g. assertive, dominant) traits than women, and women to embody more feminine (e.g. gentle, sensitive) traits…
Where to for Don Draper and the kind of man he is in Mad Men’s final season? Courtesy of FOXTEL

Inside the Mad Men: Don Draper and American masculinity

This weekend, AMC’s Mad Men returns to TV screens for its final season, due to be shown in two halves, this year and next. In its six seasons to date the period drama has won plaudits for its writing and…
The Kiwis are going to vote on a change of flag. What does the Australian flag mean these days? Matthew Kenwrick

What are you waving that Aussie flag for?

Do flags matter? Well, if the news from New Zealand is any guide, they do. Holding a referendum or two to change the flag, as proposed by that country’s parliament, will not be cheap. Assuming our friends…
Mixed martial arts fighter Shaun McNeil (above) is accused of killing Sydney teenager Daniel Christie with a single punch in Kings Cross, Sydney. The case has sparked debate on alcohol and violence. AAP Image/Facebook

King hits: young men, masculinity and violence

The recent outcry in Sydney about “alcohol-fuelled violence” has many people asking whether young men are out of control, or whether alcohol, or our hyper-masculine culture, might be to blame. Now the…
Australia’s cricketing mojo has returned in this Ashes series. While effective, their methods have not always been pretty. AAP/Dave Hunt

The Ashes: Australian masculinity reborn amid English tumult

After losing three Ashes series on the bounce and following much soul-searching about the decline of its national sporting prowess, Australia is giving England a pounding in the cricket. For many, all…
Levels of masculinity vary for men and women depending on if the questions are asked online or offline. Helga Weber

How much of a man are you? Being online can change that

How masculine are you? This might seem a fairly simple question, especially if you’re asked to fill out a simple ten-question survey investigating traits such as “aggressive” and “forceful”. But it may…
The belief that rugby league is a ‘hard sport’ played by ‘hard men’ made by insiders does little to advance the image of the game. AAP/Action Photographics

Masculinity and violence: the men who play rugby league

When his grandson was tragically killed while playing rugby league in April this year, former New South Wales and Australian halfback Tommy Raudonikis said: Everyone needs to understand that this was just…
Research shows that men are more likely to stay and fight bushfires than women. AAP/Tony Phillips

Fighting and dying: blokes and bushfire in Australia

“Record-breaking Heatwave”. “Australia Burns”. “Heroes of the Flames”. Headlines such as these will be familiar to anyone who has lived though a bad bushfire season in Australia. These past two weeks have…
Lleyton Hewitt went down in straight sets in the first round of the Australian Open last night. AAP/Julian Smith

Letting go: why athletes play on past their prime

Any hopes that Lleyton Hewitt could revisit past glories in his 2013 Australian Open campaign were dashed last night when he lost in straight sets to Serbia’s Janko Tipsarevic. It now seems impossible…

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