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Technology has now reached a point where it is conceivable that an education experience on the internet can be comparable to one on a university campus. shutterstock

The campus is dead: long live the campus?

With technology changing the landscape of higher education, The Conversation this week is running a series “Re-imagining the Campus” on the future of campus learning. Here, Jason Lodge ponders the future…
Does my £9,000 get me a tablet? BillyONeal

For £9,000, students expect their classes to go digital

Students in the UK are now paying annual fees of up to £9,000 – and they expect more for their money. This is a radical change from the situation a couple of decades ago when student grants provided the…
MOOCs aren’t the answer to all higher education’s questions. Kanaka Menehune

MOOCs and the battle to open up higher education

Foundation essay: This article on the rise of massive open online courses by Martin Weller, Professor of Educational Technology at The Open University, is part of a series marking the launch of The Conversation…
MOOC graduates would throw their laptops in the air instead. Chris Ison/PA

MOOCs or campus? In the future, you choose

A napster moment; the end of boring lectures; a tipping point. These are all common responses to the emergence of MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses. Now, simply using a laptop or iPad, hundreds of thousands…
Credit for study done via massive open online courses is available in the US. mcwetboy/Flickr

Credit for MOOCs presents challenges in Australia

Major barriers still stand in the way of Australian universities giving students credit for completing Massive Open Online…
Shadow Finance Minister Andrew Robb says Australia’s education sector should embrace technology to help educate India’s emerging middle class. AAP

Australian educators “blinkered” to online opportunity: Robb

Australia’s education sector must set aside concerns about cost and risk, and embrace technology to digitise and distribute…
With online learning, teachers no longer have to be everywhere all the time says online learning start-up OpenLearning. Ingo Bernhardt

OpenLearning launches into competitive MOOCs market

A start-up that enables universities to offer massive open online courses (MOOCs) has opened for business, signing on more…

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