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Who needs a big garden when you’ve got this? The Tiny Abode Co.

Move over, McMansions – the tiny house movement is here

A small group of people is gathered around a campfire in a Victorian State Forest. Members of the Tiny Houses Australia community, they’re attending a Spring Camp to talk about how to build a tiny house…
Don’t hate McMansions just because you’re supposed to. Edward Corpuz

Stop demonising McMansions

Let me declare myself unambiguously: I do not hate McMansions, just because they’re easy to hate. For quite a few years now, anybody who writes about these oversized single family homes has consistently…
A respected US researcher believes baby boomers retreating from their large homes could lead to a glut of unsellable homes. Could this happen in Australia?

The Boomer housing bust: coming to Australia?

They’re calling it the great “senior sell off” and it’s scaring suburban America. Still recovering from the housing market crisis of 2007-09, America’s latest concern is a looming glut of unsellable suburban…

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