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Minister of Health Mark Holland speaks about new national pharmacare legislation during a press conference in Ottawa on Feb. 29, 2024. THE CANADIAN PRESS/ Patrick Doyle

Pharmacare’s design could further fragment and politicize Canada’s health system

The way pharmacare is implemented could contribute to the Canadian health insurance system’s transition toward a more contentious and unequal American-style system with heavy administrative burdens.
The for-profit nursing home sector is growing, and it places a premium on cost cutting and big profits, which has led to low staffing and patient neglect and mistreatment. picture alliance via Getty Images

Profits over patients: For-profit nursing home chains are draining resources from care while shifting huge sums to owners’ pockets

Owners of midsize nursing home chains harm the elderly and drain huge sums of money from facilities using opaque accounting practices while government doesn’t do enough to stop it.
The for-profit nursing home sector is growing, while placing a premium on cost cutting and big profits. picture alliance via Getty Images

For-profit nursing homes are cutting corners on safety and draining resources with financial shenanigans − especially at midsize chains that dodge public scrutiny

Owners of midsize nursing home chains drain billions from facilities, hiding behind opaque accounting practices and harming the elderly as government, which has the power to stop it, falls short.
Americans pay far more for prescription drugs compared with people in other high-income countries. Willie B. Thomas/Digital Vision via Getty Images

Medicare starts a long road to cutting prices for drugs, starting with 10 costing it $50.5 billion annually – a health policy analyst explains why negotiations are promising but will take years

The drug pricing reform may drastically lower prices for some of the most critical life-saving drugs in the long run. But numerous obstacles stand in the way.
Many older people with health insurance coverage through Medicare still can’t afford the care they need. RichLegg/E+ via Getty Images

Where the government draws the line for Medicaid coverage leaves out many older Americans who may need help paying for medical and long-term care bills – new research

Increasing the number of older people with both Medicaid and Medicare would mean fewer of them would be forced to skimp on the care and treatment they need.

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