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The males of one of our closer cousins in the animal kingdom, chimpanzees prefer to mate with older females. CBS Television via Wikimedia Commons

Male desire for young women doesn’t drive menopause

Research claiming that men are to blame for menopause has gone viral in the popular media in the past week. But does the theoretical model’s fundamental assumption – that men prefer young women – stack…
One suggestion is that menopause enables women to provide for their grandchildren. Image from

Explainer: why do women go through menopause?

Menstruation is a reproductive quirk that humans share with only a few other mammals. But even stranger is the fact that women stop menstruating when they have a whole third of their lives left to live…

Seizure drug reduces menopausal flushes

A drug originally developed to fight seizures has also been successful in reducing hot flushes in menopausal women, potentially…
The 2003 Million Women Study did not prove a link between hormone therapy and cancer. ryanlintelman

Hormone replacement therapy and cancer? Let’s get the facts straight

The authors of the 2003 Million Women Study were wrong to conclude their investigation proved that hormone replacement therapy caused cancer, according to a series of articles published this week in the…

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