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Cows’ methane emissions can be measured with lasers, but it’s not that easy to measure emissions from an extinct sauropod. Mark Witton

How do you make a dinosaur burp in a bag? Measuring prehistoric methane

Last week my colleagues and I published a paper showing how methane emitted by dinosaurs could have affected the world’s climate. The media response was huge, with 100+ interviews by email and phone, and…
It looks delicious, but is a diet free of red meat better for the planet? stu spivack

Could your diet save the planet?

By now most of us have read articles suggesting we “eat less red meat and save the planet”. Some may also have heard statements by the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr Rajendra…
Methane, emitted in large amounts by wetlands and rice paddies, is being released into the atmosphere at a declining rate but the reason for this remains unclear. Flickr/Kansas Poetry

The case of the disappearing methane

Methane has been floating into the atmosphere at a slower rate over the last three decades but two new papers published in…

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