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It does make sense your mood may start to dip in midlife. Javier García/Unsplash

Is the ‘midlife crisis’ a real thing?

There's good evidence to suggest a midlife crisis exists, though it's hard to define what the midlife is. And perhaps crises that occur during midlife might equally have occurred before or after.
I’ll need a leather jacket to go with it. Bigonroad

The ups and downs of taking risks in middle-age

As a teenager I remember asking my parents if it was possible to have a mid-life crisis before you left high school. This was followed by hearty chuckles. Nonetheless, it forces one to ask the question…
He’s in crisis, but we don’t know why. Ubi Desperare Nescio

Hard evidence: is the midlife crisis real?

Hard Evidence is a series of articles that looks at some of the trickiest public policy questions we face. Academic experts delve into available research evidence to provide informed analysis you won’t…

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