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Flu vaccination uptake rates are low in adults, including among those who work in health, aged care and childcare. from

Millions of Australian adults are unvaccinated and it’s increasing disease risk for all of us

Most immunisation campaigns continue to primarily focus on infants and children, but almost 4 million Australian adults are not vaccinated against preventable diseases.
Recent improvements in medical management of HIV infection are not well understood in the legal sector.

Australian law needs a refresher on the science of HIV transmission

HIV diagnosis is devastating for patients and their families. But the infection is no longer a death sentence, and should not be prosecuted as such say experts.
AMA president Brian Owler said the decision to outsource production was financial, describing the publisher’s financial position as “perilous”. Lukas Coch/AAP

Former editor: outsourcing puts Medical Journal of Australia at risk

The recent decision to outsource production of the journal to international publishing company Elsevier – and the route it took to get there – made my position untenable.
Consumer groups says women want reliable and up-to-date information about recurrence risk. Calvin Fleming

How likely is my breast cancer to recur and spread?

Over 13,500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia each year. After completing initial treatment, the immediate question for many, if not most, is - what are the chances my cancer will return…

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