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The USAID’s Feed the Future program encourages farmers to use mobile money technology to enhance their farming activities. USAID/Flickr

How Ghana is acing its transition to mobile financial services

In just five years, the number of mobile-money accounts in Ghana have jumped six-fold, providing fresh perspective on the country’s digital transformation.
The shoulder pads are gone but the IT infrastructure remains. Phagan photos

Ancient IT makes a banking meltdown inevitable

A KPMG report warned last year that the next systemic shock to UK banking could come from an as yet unforeseen event, such as a massive payment outage or a cyber attack. Since the IT systems in most banks…
Bank of Melbourne relaunched its new look branch network in 2011 as part of a broader push to build customer relationships. Joe Castro/AAP

Barclays is closing branches, but Aussie banks slow to follow

UK banking giant Barclays has revealed plans to lay off 1700 branch staff and shrink its branch network as customers embrace online and mobile banking. The street faces of banks are changing quickly. Where…
Will retail banks go the same way as Borders or Blockbuster Video? Image from

The fate of retail banks: embrace technology or lose market share

How are retail banks — the incumbents of banking — likely to fare in the era of mobile banking? This is an increasingly crucial issue for banks. Mobile banking is a major technological development, and…

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