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Assessment tasks can’t give teachers deep insights into the ways that students think.

What is the point of assessment in higher education anyway?

The recent decision to ban multiple-choice questions at an Australian university has sparked debate about the purpose of assessment in higher education. While there are many problems with the ways in which…
No form of assessment is perfect, but when done properly, multiple-choice questions have their benefits. Shutterstock

Why it’s not just assessors who benefit from multiple choice(s)

Think of university assessment and it probably conjures anxiety. As David Boud notes: even successful, able and committed students – those who become university teachers – have been hurt by their experiences…
It’s hard to tell if students really know the answer or are guessing, which is why one university is scrapping multiple-choice exams. Shutterstock

Does the student a) know the answer, or are they b) guessing?

Multiple-choice questions have become one of the mainstays of assessment at universities across Australia and the world. But is this the best approach? Or even valid? Central Queensland University has…

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