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Articles on Murray Darling Basin Plan

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Politics with Michelle Grattan: Keith Pitt on the Murray-Darling Basin

Keith Pitt on the Murray-Darling Basin, the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, and Nuclear Power in Australia.
Keith Pitt, minister for resources, water, and Northern Australia, discusses the NAIF, climate policy, nuclear energy, and the Murray-Darling Basin scheme with Michelle Grattan.
There’s broad support from communities and farmers for proper water audits. John/Flickr

Paddling blind: why we urgently need a water audit

How can Australia’s new Inspector General be expected to inspect waterways without a firm grasp of how much water in in them?
A report has found the causes of mass fish deaths in the Darling river. Dean Lewins/AAP

We wrote the report for the minister on fish deaths in the lower Darling – here’s why it could happen again

Fish deaths at the lower Darling can happen again. Here’s what we can do about it.

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