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Many of the colours in medieval stained glass are produced by nanoparticles. Quinn Anya

Nanotechnology in medicine isn’t just about size

While scientists develop new drugs to treat a multitude of conditions, nanotechnology is pushing the boundaries of how we deliver them to patients - targeting delivery to cancer cells and giving a drug…
Nanostructures on wings of Green Hairstreak butterflies inspired the design of polarised light beamsplitters. nutmeg66

The butterfly effect: optical nanotechnology takes flight

When scientists look for keys to unlock problems such as quantum teleportation or faster internet speeds, answers can sometimes be found in the natural world. Controlling light at the nanoscale is necessary…
Gilded patches can now aid the growth of heart tissue. Findingthenow

Using nano gold to patch up broken hearts

Gold is one of our most valuable commodities but its use extends far beyond jewellery and gold bars. It’s a conductive material and is helping us to develop new medical innovations such as specialised…
Cancer cells face a new, tiny enemy. Dr Cecil Fox

Sticking it to big pharma with crowdfunded nanotech

Students at the University of York are challenging what they see as the closed worlds of nanotechnology and healthcare by crowdsourcing funds to produce a new type of treatment for cancer using magnetic…
Using nanotechnology, researchers have developed a technique to increase the data storage capacity of a DVD from a measly 4.7GB to 1,000TB. Nature Communications

More data storage? Here’s how to fit 1,000 terabytes on a DVD

We live in a world where digital information is exploding. Some 90% of the world’s data was generated in the past two years. The obvious question is: how can we store it all? In Nature Communications today…
South Korean volunteer workers clean up an oil spill in December 2007. Could such scenes soon be a thing of the past? AAP

Don’t cry over spilled oil – use nanosheets

We’re all too familiar with footage of ruptured tankers or busted rigs dumping millions of litres of oil into the sea, coating shorelines and animals in crude sludge. Many traditional methods of cleaning…
It’s the sun rather than nanoparticles in sunscreen that poses the real health risk. Edson Soares

Time to dispel the fear of nanoparticles in sunscreens

The sunny season has well and truly started, as has the daily summer ritual of applying sunscreen. So now is the perfect time to consider whether “nano sunscreens”, which contain UV filtering nanoparticles…
A combination of wax and coiling makes carbon nanotube muscles stronger than ever. Science/AAAS

Power to you: carbon nanotube muscles are going strong

Just on a year ago my colleagues and I announced our discovery that carbon nanotube yarns could be made to twist and rotate at great speeds when electrically stimulated. In this way we had created “artificial…

When nanoparticles (almost) touch

When two gold nanoparticle spheres are pushed sufficiently close together, the gap between them acquires a red colour, as…
Blue means positive, red means negative.

Blue for yes, red for no: detecting HIV instantly

A new, cheaper test that diagnoses cancer or HIV in an instant could help tackle disease early in developing countries, UK researchers have said. Researchers from Imperial College London have developed…
The porous structure of metal-organic framework materials makes them perfect for storing and separating gases. justus.thane

MOF the chart: why a record-breaking surface area matters

You may not immediately think of world records when you consider chemistry, but that’s exactly what some chemists are thinking about during their research. Many, working on something called metal-organic…

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