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The Large Hadron Collider is playing a key role in enabling the collection of big data. Supplied

The big data challenge and how Africa can benefit

Big data is about processing large amounts of data. It is often associated with multiplicities of data. But the ability to generate data outpaces the ability to store it.
Powerful, supportive academic networks can offer women a buffer against sexism and patriarchy. Shutterstock

Strong networks can dilute sexism in higher education

While gender inequality is a pervasive problem in academia, there is a home in universities for women right now. Here's how to make it a happy one.
Apple’s global network control has helped it achieve bumper profits. Andrey Bayda /

Why Apple is the world’s most successful company – the power of networks

The latest round of quarterly results have recently come out and the likes of Apple and Boeing have announced bumper profits. Others such as Sainsbury’s and Samsung have not fared so well. So what is it…
Is your social capital worth a free lunch? Research shows only certain types of people benefit from networking opportunities. Silverstone

When going Dutch means a free lunch: how Australians could build social capital

We’re often told networking is essential to our careers, but how many people actually use their contacts? Perhaps filling a LinkedIn or Facebook profile is more of a comfort feeling than a useful resource…

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