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Math provides clues as to why your happy friends are as happy as they seem. MilanMarkovic78/

Why it seems like your friends have more to be thankful for

Does it seem like your friends have better lives than you do? Mathematics, in the form of the “majority illusion,” can help explain why.
We are already connected in many ways through technology, and we’re about to get a lot more connected. Flickr/kris krug

Are we ready for a world even more connected in the Internet of Things?

Imagine a world that’s even more connected technologically than ours today. It’s coming soon and the Australian Communications and Media Authority wants to know if we’re ready for it.
Role models and mentors can help one learn throughout one’s career. SHUTTERSTOCK

Mentoring the next generation of scientists in Africa

Africa is a developing continent but there’s ample opportunity for careers in science that can contribute to science advancement as well as uplifting the socio-economic status of the continent.

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