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There’s no playbook for how to navigate breakups in the digital age. Sean Gladwell/Moment via Getty Images

Social media always remembers – which makes moving on from a breakup that much harder

There was once a time when you could simply put old photos and love letters out of sight and out of mind. Editing your ex out of your digital life is a lot trickier.
Epilepsy is characterized by spontaneous and recurrent seizures, often triggered by stress or visual stimuli. (Shutterstock)

What epilepsy teaches us about diversity and resilience

Our team studied the activity of neurons in people with epilepsy. Neurons in the brain regions responsible for triggering seizures were much less diverse.
Math provides clues as to why your happy friends are as happy as they seem. MilanMarkovic78/

Why it seems like your friends have more to be thankful for

Does it seem like your friends have better lives than you do? Mathematics, in the form of the “majority illusion,” can help explain why.

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