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Academics have a duty to research and teach the best and the worst of journalism. Het Nieuwe Instituut

The Oz needn’t beat up media lecturers – but thanks anyway

Having worked as a journalism and media studies academic in the United Kingdom for the best part of 25 years, one of the things that surprised me on coming to Australia was the state of near-open warfare…
Kim Williams’ departure from News Corp can be seen through the prism of him having ‘failed to civilise’ the media giant. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Tomorrow’s fish n’ chips: Kim Williams leaves News Corp

Poor old Kim Williams. It was like putting celebrity chef Gabriel Gaté in charge of the abattoir. Red in tooth and claw is the News Corp style, especially during election campaigns, and now in the midst…
The resignation of News Corp Australia CEO Kim Williams comes at the end of week where the company’s tabloids were criticised for ‘biased’ election coverage. AAP/Lukas Coch

News is the story as boss Kim Williams resigns

The first week of what is shaping up to be a great election campaign ended as it began – with the media at the forefront of the agenda. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Australia has been firmly in focus all…
News Limited CEO Kim Williams has been forced to change tack on the online newspaper paywall model for the company’s metro mastheads. AAP/Joe Castro

The News Limited paywall dilemma: how to avoid competing against yourself

You could almost feel sorry for newspaper owners. The internet is smashing their hard copy advertising revenue and they have yet to work out how to make money out of their online editions. It is just over…
Two companies control 88% of Australia’s print media assets. AAP/April Fonti

Australia’s lamentable media diversity needs a regulatory fix

Australian media, and in particular the print media, stands out internationally among advanced democracies for its extreme concentration. Three owners – News Limited, Fairfax Media and APN News and Media…
The problem with Fairfax’s “soft paywall” is that many readers may sample as much content as they can before going elsewhere. Image from

A paywall is not enough —Fairfax must become bespoke or fail

Fairfax Media is introducing a “soft” paywall for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH). Initially, the paywall will only affect readers outside Australia, but a domestic version will follow. Fairfax…
News Ltd chief Kim Williams took aim at ISPs and the NBN over illegal downloads, but new copyright laws are not the answer. AAP

New copyright laws are not the answer to illegal downloads

Earlier this week, Kim Williams, CEO of News Limited, spoke at the Australian International Movie Convention on the Gold Coast and called for new copyright laws to better protect digital property rights…
News Limited CEO Kim William’s plans for cross-media consolidation will have significant ramifications for Australia’s media landscape. AAP

News Limited reveals its convergent future, but will its pay walls pay off?

A week is a long time in the media. Yesterday Kim Williams, the CEO of News Limited, announced a series of reforms to his company. This follows the slash-and-burn announcements by Fairfax Media earlier…

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