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Family photo in the Borden reserve, published with the family’s permission. Alison Lullfitz

‘We can write novels of memories made here’: Elder-led land restoration is about rebuilding love

For descendants of those stolen, restoring a special family place enables them to reconnect to the past, to people and identity.
Noongaroke was far more than a good night out; it was an inspired intervention to support grieving Noongar families. Mika Hiltunen

Take karaoke to Noongar country and you get … Noongaroke

The following article was co-authored by Jim Morrison, who is a senior Noongar man, a traditional custodian of Western Australia’s pristine southern coast. He has been operating in a range of pivotal roles…
Litigation surrounding current Noongar land title claims is convoluted and limiting, but will there be an adequate solution? AAP/Cortlan Bennett

From the bike to the bus: the Noongar native title settlement

The current negotiations over the Noongar native title claim in the south-west corner of Australia reflect an important maturing of the native title resolution process. Beneath the photo opportunities…

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