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South Africa’s oceans offer numerous economic opportunities, if ocean acidification is dealt with properly. Shutterstock

Why managing ocean acidification is crucial for South Africa

South Africa has the opportunity to benefit from its ocean economy. But to do that, the country needs to put better policies in place to counter ocean acidification.

High ocean acidity makes fish anxious

Rising levels of ocean acidity have been linked to anxiety in juvenile rockfish. The study found that carbon uptake in the…
Coral are among the sea organisms susceptible to small changes in acidity. NOAA/David Burdick

Ocean acidification is chemistry, not conjecture

As a scientist working on the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems, one of my duties is to communicate my work. My main goal is to convince students, citizens, economists and politicians that…

Test tube reveals coral’s secrets

Scientists have used test tubes to discover coral’s secret to building their external skeletons. The Rutgers Institute study…

Sea urchins rolling with the punches

Purple sea urchins have been found to be able to evolve extremely rapidly in relation to their environment. Experiments conducted…

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