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If we can’t afford natural stone, like marble, it’s tempting to choose engineered or artificial stone instead. But at what cost to those who breathe in the silica dust when cutting it? from

Engineered stone benchtops are killing our tradies. Here’s why a ban’s the only answer

What lessons can Australia learn from tackling asbestos to manage this latest preventable occupational hazard?
Time scarcity acts as a barrier to good health, even if you have knowledge. orphanjones/flickr

Time scarcity is a slippery slope to inactivity

Healthy Australians slide into extreme inactivity and poor dietary choices over a just a few years of feeling time poor and rushed in their daily lives.
By laying charges against the Essendon Football Club, WorkSafe Victoria has accepted that its mandate extends to professional sports. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

In charging Essendon, WorkSafe puts all sport on notice

The implications of the bringing of OHS charges extend far beyond Essendon. For WorkSafe Victoria and professional sporting competitions, it is the equivalent of crossing the rubicon.
Work has shifted from manufacturing to knowledge industries but OHS hasn’t kept up. Karenne Sylvester

Australia’s occupational health and safety regime needs first aid

Only 13%* of Australian workplaces comply with Safe Work Australia’s new code of practice on first aid, according to research by St John Ambulance. But this is only the tip of the iceberg for the crisis…
We need to a fundamental rethink of how we deal with work-related back problems. Valerie Everett

Preventing back pain will require rethinking how we work

Nearly 10% of Australians (1.8 million people) have back problems, according to a report released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) (based on data from the 2007-08 National…
Just getting off your chair regularly and moving around is enough to improve your health. Victor1558

Office workers – it’s time to beat the bulge and quit the sit

I’ve never been a smoker but lately I’ve started to take on some of the same zeal of reformed addicts. You see, a few years ago, I took a long, hard look at myself and decided to kick one of the most unnecessary…
We need a national OHS system that’s more suitable to contemporary workplaces and workers. Thomas Cunningham

United we stand: are we harmonising the right OHS law?

2011 was a year of reforms that didn’t go smoothly and the Federal government’s attempt to harmonise occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation across the country was no exception. The intention…

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