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Holiday drinking brings good cheer, but it can also be a sign of problem drinking.

How to know when holiday drinking is hurting your brain

Alcohol contributes to close to 90,000 deaths a year. Because repeated binge drinking damages the brain, it's hard to know when we've developed a problem. Here are some things to consider.
President Obama spoke in Atlanta at a summit on how to curb the opioid epidemic. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Opioid crisis: How did we get here?

As congressional leaders today discuss legislation to curb the opioid epidemic, we look at three articles that explain how it happened and one that suggests some solutions.
Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than heroin. Alcibiades via Wikimedia Commons

Fentanyl: widely used, deadly when abused

Deaths from the powerful drug fentanyl, found in Prince's body after his death, are rising. Yes, it is dangerous, but it has allowed for the expansion of many types of surgery.

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