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Telstra takes a bite at Optus claims over mobile phone coverage. Flickr/Andrew Scott

Optus’ apology on coverage highlights multi-network problem

Mobile coverage of two of the major telecommunications companies is in the news again after Telstra took Optus to court over an advertisement that was found to be misleading. The complaint against Optus…
Consumers are excited about the launch of the iPhone 5S - but the pricing game means bargains are unlikely. AAP

In the game of iPhone pricing, consumers are the losers

Game theory is a branch of strategic decision making that tries to predict how players in any strategic game are likely to act. It can be applied in many situations and it can also help to explain what…
Optus has exhausted its legal avenues to appeal against a decision finding it breached copyright on its TV Now service. But should the issue of technology neutrality be reviewed? Flickr/IntelFreePress

Optus and TV Now: will copyright law catch up to the cloud?

A legal decision which forced Optus to shut down its time shifting service TV Now may eventually lead to reform of existing copyright law to cater for cloud technology. On Friday, the High Court denied…
The High Court has extinguished Optus’ last hopes of appeal in what has been a test case for digital copyright. AAP

Optus seeks law reform after High Court kills off TV Now appeal

Optus has set its sights on the Australian Law Reform Commission’s inquiry into digital copyright, after the High Court today killed off any hope of an appeal over its TV Now case with the AFL, NRL and…
The Federal Court decision means Optus will not be able to broadcast AFL and NRL on its TV Now service. AAP/Dan Peled

Optus decision moves the goalposts in mobile media market

The significance of last Friday’s Federal Court decision to prevent Optus’ “TV Now” service from broadcasting was made clear to me while waiting for a bus in Melbourne’s suburbs. Earlier that day, I had…
Chinese telco giant Huawei’s preclusion from tendering for the NBN will have far-reaching implications for investment by Chinese-controlled companies in Australia. AAP

Coldplay: No paradise in Australia for Huawei

It will no doubt be surprising to the former Liberal Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, and former Victorian Labor Premier, John Brumby, that they sit on the board of a corporate entity apparently judged…

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