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A construction worker uses a boom lift to move a piece of construction equipment at the site of an affordable housing project in Ottawa in September 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Spencer Colby

Debunking myths about community housing: What governments and the public should know

Community housing is not a silver bullet to Canada’s housing crisis. But a strong community housing sector can play a significant role in providing all Canadians with the right to adequate housing.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during an announcement on innovation for economic growth in advance of the 2024 federal budget in Montréal in April 2024. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

To make AI safe, governments must regulate data collection

Governments should play to their existing strengths in data collection to make AI safer for their citizens, including assessing what kinds of data are too risky to allow private companies to collect.
Corruption is a serious issue and costly threat to Canada’s foreign trade and international reputation. (Shutterstock)

Canada needs to move beyond poorly enforced bribery laws and tackle corruption’s root causes

If Canada wants to fix its reputation for being weak on corruption, it needs to confront the harms associated with globalization and bring multinational corporations under democratic control.
Canada has a productivity problem and its economy is falling behind other developed countries as a result. What’s going on? (Shutterstock)

Canada’s lagging productivity affects us all — and will take years to remedy

Canada needs to improve the way we work. Improving our productivity ranking will take years, but by taking steps in education, in the private sector and in government, we can achieve national wealth.
According to INSEE, 68% of the wage gap between men and women is due to the fact that they do not occupy the same positions, which is directly related to the field they choose.

Educational pathways drive France’s gender pay gap – what our research shows

Region-level data from France indicate that some masters-level specialities dominated by women have low levels of remuneration once in employment.

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