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How much is too much screen time for kids? Dragon Images/Shutterstock

‘Screen time’ is about more than setting limits

For decades, parents have fretted over ‘screen time,’ limiting the hours their children spend looking at a screen. But as times change, so does media… and how parents should (or shouldn’t) regulate it.
The current model for “good” parenting comes entirely from a Western perspective. Shutterstock

Parenting: why one size doesn’t fit all

Some aspects of good parenting are universal, but others look very different from country to country. There needs to be a better understanding of parenting in different contexts.
There are very clear ideas in Ghana about what girls can and should do, and how boys ought to behave. EPA/Nic Bothma

How parenting in Ghana shapes sexist stereotypes

Ghanaians believe that boys and girls should be raised very differently. This feeds into strongly defined traditional gender roles and ultimately leads to women having a lower social status.
Happiness was assumed in medieval times as the inevitable outcome for a child who lived his life right. AAP/ Joe Castro

Snowplow, helicopter – medieval? Parenting advice for the ages

Are you a helicopter parent, hovering around your offspring at all times? Perhaps “snowplow” or “free range” is more your style. Or maybe, you should give medieval parenting a shot. Much of the advice…
Enough is enough. Shutterstock

This obsession with parenting is out of control

Not long ago, an email went around some of the academic lists I subscribe to entitled “New parenting study released”. Heart sinking a little as I clicked the link to a New Yorker article, I expected to…

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