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It’s still unclear whether Anning’s trip to Melbourne was for the dominant purpose of parliamentary business. MICK TSIKAS/AAP

Parliamentary entitlements: what’s allowed and what’s not?

In the last few years, some MPs have made extravagant claims on their parliamentary entitlements. So, what are they actually allowed to use the money for?
Opposition leader Bill Shorten has levelled with Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister, according to Newspoll. Tracey Nearmy/AAP

Labor improves lead in Newspoll, as cabinet looks at carbon targets

The opposition has widened its two-party lead over the Coalition in Newspoll as MPs return for a new parliamentary session rocked by voters’ anger over parliamentary entitlements.
A freshly weakened Tony Abbott faces some difficult issues and dangerous flashpoints in the upcoming parliamentary sitting fortnight. Ben Macmahon/AAP

Grattan on Friday: Entitlements issue turns into cluster bomb

Memo from Finance Department to minister Mathias Cormann: “Urgently needed – staff reinforcements for the Great Expense Chase”. Just joking. But only a little.
Bronwyn Bishop resigned as Speaker following a controversy that brought the public’s trust in her office into question. AAP/Daniel Munoz

New Speaker must lead the way in restoring parliamentary ethics and trust

What can the new Speaker do to restore the Australian public’s faith in the office – and in MPs more broadly – after Bronwyn Bishop’s resignation due to a series of lavish entitlement claims?
The scandal surrounding Bronwyn Bishop’s entitlements may not have ended with her resignation as Speaker. AAP/Lukas Coch

Bishop resignation won’t end impact on Coalition

Combined, the nature of the controversy, Bishop’s behaviour as Speaker, and the way she and her party dealt with the issue created the perfect storm for a damaging scandal.
Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has resigned from her position after weeks of controversy over her use of entitlements. Lukas Coch/AAP

Bronwyn Bishop finally resigns as Speaker

Bronwyn Bishop has finally quit the speakership after weeks of revelations about her extravagant claims.
Speaker Bronwyn Bishop will pay back entitlements for a charter helicopter flight from Melbourne to Geelong, return. AAP/Mick Tsikas

Bishop pays back more than $5000 for Geelong helicopter trip

Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has promised to reimburse A$5227 in taxpayers’ money that she spent on a helicopter flight between Melbourne and Geelong to attend a Liberal fundraiser in November.

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