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Arthur Bolkas and David Woods in The Chat, in which the fate of a prisoner who has breached parole is decided.

Putting audiences, as well as actors, in the hot seat

When former prisoners – and audience members – come together in a play examining our justice system, the result is unruly, uncomfortable and worthwhile.
Since I Suppose, currently playing at the Melbourne Festival, is participatory theatre at its best. Credit: Paul Moir. Melbourne Festival

Power, prayer and pleasure: Since I Suppose at the Melbourne Festival

As the contemporary debate about surveillance and data-retention rages, it seems there’s little room left for mystery. Since I Suppose, an interactive and immersive artwork at the Melbourne Festival, by…
French artist Virgile Ittah poses with her wax sculpture titled ‘Dreams are guilty, absolute and silent by fire’. Andy Rain/EPA

But is it any good? On art, audiences and evaluation

A spectre of evaluation is haunting the arts. The relationships between artists and their audiences are being mediated by an ever-more complex system that determines the value of art. It’s a system driven…

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