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Knitting for penguins is part of a larger trend that yokes the creative and the activist. Penguin Foundation/Facebook

Crafting for good: why we all want to knit for penguins

Last week, a call for knitters to create tiny pullovers for oil-spill affected penguins went viral. Patterns for penguin knitwear from The Penguin Foundation bounced around social media. It was a bit of…
New research suggests penguins evolved with the Antarctic. Flickr/Martha de Jong Lantink

Was penguin evolution driven by a cooling Antarctic?

Penguins are a remarkable group of flightless birds. We tend to think of them as Antarctic birds, but they actually inhabit an extremely diverse range of habitats from subzero Antarctic coastline to the…
Best served chilled: Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) Uwe Kils/BAS

A view to a krill: warming seas may leave predators hungry

Although it is far from the power stations, roads and flight paths of the populated world, the Southern Ocean is already responding to climate change. Average sea temperatures in some parts have risen…

Ancient DNA shows penguin recovery

Ancient penguin DNA shows that Macquarie Island penguins have recovered genetic diversity in the past 80 years. Macquarie…

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