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A man holds a QAnon sign outside the White House. Even if most people don’t act on their conspiratorial beliefs, such theories can still pose very real dangers. (Shutterstock)

Conspiracy theories are dangerous even if they don’t affect behaviour

Many of those who believe conspiracy theories do not necessarily act on those beliefs. Nevertheless, conspiracy theories can still spread dangerous misinformation that can cause harm.
The legacy of the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012 continues to reverberate 10 years later, including in how conspiracy theories have changed since the tragedy. Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AFP via Getty Image

10 years after the Sandy Hook shooting, Alex Jones is being held accountable for spreading conspiracy theories – but those sorts of lies now plague the US

Conspiracy theories surrounding the Sandy Hook school shooting continue to reverberate in the US, but now there are legal consequences.
Conspiracy theories have been popular in the U.S. for decades. Motortion Films/

Are conspiracy theories on the rise in the US?

With the rise of internet groups for conspiracy theorists, it may feel like Americans live in a unique time. But conspiracy theories have been common for decades.

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