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Raw vegetable and lettuce salad with Indonesian fried tempeh. Gekko Gallery/Shutterstock

Indonesia can expand its gastrodiplomacy via plant-based meals in Europe: Research

The recent surge of plant-based food consumers in Europe, particularly the Netherlands, can be a promosing further Indonesia’s gastrodiplomacy strategy of Indonesia Spice Up the World (ISUTW).
Eating more fruits, vegetables and nuts can make a meaningful impact on a person’s health – and the planet’s too. kerdkanno/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Individual dietary choices can add – or take away – minutes, hours and years of life

A new study puts numbers to the health and environmental benefits – or impacts – of individual foods and shows how small changes can make a significant difference.
Researchers May Nango, Djaykuk Djandjomerr and S. Anna Florin collecting plants in Kakadu National Park. Reproduced with permission of Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation. Elspeth Hayes

65,000-year-old plant remains show the earliest Australians spent plenty of time cooking

Charred plant remains from one of the oldest archaeological sites reveal that the first Australians ate a varied - and sometimes labour-intensive - diet.

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