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Ukrainians walk in the besieged city of Mariupol, where there are reports of a possible chemical attack. Victor/Xinhua via Getty Images)

Russia isn’t likely to use chemical weapons in Ukraine – unless Putin grows desperate

There are unconfirmed reports that Russia has used chemical weapons in Ukraine. Syria’s recent chemical weapons use offers context for understanding this tactic. Chemical weapons terrify civilians.
Poisonous or edible? Ekaterina Morozova/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Why are some mushrooms poisonous?

Poison can be a deadly defense that helps a mushroom make sure its spores are spread to new places to grow into baby mushrooms.
Colonial graziers found it more effective to poison dingoes than rely on convict shepherds to protect their flocks. Justine Philip/AMMRIC 2017

How Australia made poisoning animals normal

As soon as white colonists began farming sheep in Australia, they looked for a way to eradicate dingoes.

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