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Will there be brotherly love in Philadelphia next September? Giampiero Sposito/Reuters

Pope Francis’s ‘American problem’

In late November, the Vatican confirmed that Pope Francis is going to visit the United States of America for the World Meeting of Families that will take place in Philadelphia at the end of September 2015…
Pope Benedict XVI open to prosecution after he steps down? EPA/Claudio Peri

Pope Benedict could face court over sex crimes in the church

Not a day goes by without further allegations of rape and sexual abuse being made against the Catholic Church. The vast majority of accusations relate to abuse perpetrated outside the Vatican’s walls…
Pope Benedict XVI greeting pilgrims from the balcony of St Peter’s Basilica soon after his election in 2005. Georgi Licovski/EPA

Resignation of a Pope: stepping down and stepping forward

As the news of Pope Benedict XVI’s dramatic resignation sinks in, the speculation on his successor has inevitably begun. Will we see the first black Pope? The first South American Pope? Just as it happened…
Pope Benedict XVI has announced plans to step down on February 28, citing the job’s pressures and his advanced age. Alessandro Di Meo/EPA

Out with God’s rottweiler: the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

“There is not, and there never was on this earth, a work of human policy so well deserving examination as the Roman Catholic Church.” So wrote Thomas Babington Macaulay in his review of Leopold von Ranke’s…

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