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The Coalition’s policy to combat problem gambling is treatment focused, excludes potential online competitors and makes no funding commitment. What influenced its creation? AAP/Dan Peled

Coalition ‘problem gambling’ policy: putting the fox in charge of the henhouse?

The Coalition has released its policy “to help problem gamblers” under that very title. If the betting markets are any guide, the Coalition is poised to win government on September 7, so the likelihood…
Wilkie: The poker machine reforms are the “best we can get in the current circumstances”. AAP/Lukas Coch

Wilkie gives reluctant support to weaker pokie reforms

Watered-down poker machine reforms designed to protect problem gamblers will go ahead after Tasmanian Independent MP Andrew Wilkie reluctantly gave his support to the Government legislation. Mr Wilkie…
The capacity to make choices that promote our ends is dependent on a supportive environment. AAP

How pokies pre-commitment puts you back in charge

The debate over the use of mandatory pre-commitment technology in poker machines is the latest front in an ongoing war that pits advocates of personal responsibility against people motivated by concerns…
Gambling harms extend beyond those with the gambling problem, the signatories to the letter argue. AAP

Public health experts support pokies reforms

A number of public health experts have written a letter to the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Parlimentarians in support of the mandatory pre-commitment system for poker machines. The signatories…

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