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Girls need to see women in the role of coaches and managers at all levels of football. / Yuri A / Shutterstock

Women’s World Cup: why are there so few female coaches in football?

Just 12 of the 32 teams at the Women’s World Cup have female coaches. The game needs to break down some deeply entrenched attitudes to bring more women in as managers at all levels.
Argentina fans celebrating their team’s World Cup victory walk past a mural of Diego Maradona in Buenos Aires. While shared nationality is a factor, most fans typically think about players in terms of their club team. (AP Photo/Mario De Fina)

A study of close to half a million soccer fans shows how group identity shapes behaviour

Studying how shared identities like nationality and club affiliation impact fan support for soccer players can tell us how our group memberships affect our behaviour.
Super League plans have fans screaming into the void, like soccer star Lionel Messi here. Josep Lago/AFP via Getty Images

The ups and downs of European soccer are part of its culture – moving to a US-style ‘closed’ Super League would destroy that

More competitive games between top soccer clubs is desirable but creating a ‘closed’ system would harm a soccer culture built on dreams, says the man who predicted the Super League two decades ago.
Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson tweeted in support of the new #PlayersTogether fund. Peter Powell / EPA

In defence of footballers

They have every right to take their own lead on salary cuts during the pandemic.

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