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Fan’s question what the future holds for Aston Villa. Paul Harding / PA Wire/Press Association Images

How not to run a football club

Where did it all go wrong for Aston Villa?
Radamel Falcao joins Manchester United on loan in one of deadline day’s big deals. Sebastien Nogier/EPA

Time to lift the shroud of secrecy surrounding football transfers

Transfer deadline day is over for another year. As always, it brought drama galore, with deals thrown together at the last minute, like the “shock” announcement three hours before the deadline that Danny…

Who’s got the biggest league in Europe?

The domestic football season has already started in both France and England, with Germany, Italy and Spain’s leagues following hot on their heels. As each league kicks off, the competition over which is…
Heard the one about the Belgian, the Frenchman, the Argentine, Brazilian, and the Bosnian? EPA

Hard Evidence: how much is the Premier League worth?

Over the next nine months, countless people will marvel at Manchester City or berate Jose Mourinho without ever really grasping how powerful and all-pervasive the Premier League has become. While 21st-century…
A representative of an outdated establishment with 19th century views … and Princes Charles. Justin Tallias/PA

Scudamore email affair reveals Britain’s elitist club culture

Controversy continues to envelop Richard Scudamore, the long-standing Chief Executive of the English Premier League, nearly two weeks after sexist emails he exchanged with business associates were leaked…
Will the FA give England fans something to cheer? Lewis Whyld/PA

The FA is hamstrung as English clubs have too much power

In an unusual attempt to pre-empt England’s inevitable World Cup failure, the FA has published a report to investigate problems affecting the national team. The report represents the findings of the England…

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