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NZ’s workplace rules will change again with each new government – unless we do this

Bringing together worker, business, and government representatives helped set clearer rules for everyone on public holidays. We need to try that same approach to lift NZ’s poor productivity.
Current research suggests it’s time to re-evaluate existing pay structures and prioritize worker health and safety. (Shutterstock)

Beyond the paycheck: The key to building a thriving workplace goes beyond salaries

Traditional pay structures — like wage gaps, pay-for-performance systems, the belief that time equals money and pay secrecy — are stopping organizations from reaching their goals and thriving.
Canada has a productivity problem and its economy is falling behind other developed countries as a result. What’s going on? (Shutterstock)

Canada’s lagging productivity affects us all — and will take years to remedy

Canada needs to improve the way we work. Improving our productivity ranking will take years, but by taking steps in education, in the private sector and in government, we can achieve national wealth.

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