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Rape victim ‘Lucía’ saw women all over Spain take to the streets in fury at the treatment she had received (posed by model). Alto / Alamay

You Are Not Alone: powerful new film documents how women’s protest against misogyny helped change Spain’s rape laws

Documenting Spain’s #metoo moment, the film articulates women’s fury at the deeply entrenched sexism and misogyny that permeates Spanish society and culture.
Demonstrators carry pictures of missing people during a march for the Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice in Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 24 2024. Juan Ignacio Roncoroni / EPA

Argentina: Javier Milei’s government poses an urgent threat to human rights

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Argentina to commemorate victims of the country’s military dictatorship amid renewed concerns for human rights.
Protesters barricade a street in reaction to postponement of the presidential election in Dakar, Senegal on 9 February. Cem Ozdel/Anadolu via Getty Images

2024 Senegal election crisis points to deeper issues with Macky Sall and his preferred successor

Attempts to postpone Senegal’s election indefinitely reflect deeper governance problems within Macky Sall’s administration, and the shortcomings of his chosen heir, Amadou Ba.
Vixen Tor on Dartmoor in Devon is one of many access islands where right to roam laws prevent people reaching an area without trespassing or arriving by helicopter. PJ photography/Shutterstock

Right to roam: paths to 2,500 public areas are being blocked by landowners due to outdated laws

Right to roam campaigners are protesting about thousands of ‘access islands’ of wilderness in England that are surrounded by private land. Outdated countryside access laws need an overhaul.
On June 11, 1963, Thich Quang Duc, a Buddhist monk, burns himself to death on a Saigon street to protest persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government. (AP/Malcolm Browne)

Self-immolation and other ‘spectacular’ protests: How impactful are they?

Aaron Bushnell’s self-immolation is an example of ‘spectacular agency,’ a form of attention-grabbing but costly protest. And, it is uncertain how the public will perceive such protests.
A Senegalese gendarme stands near burning tyres during a protest in Dakar on 29 May 2023. John Wessels/AFP via Getty images

Macky Sall throws Senegal’s democratic credentials into doubt

Senegal is considered west Africa’s most stable democracy because it has never suffered a coup d'etat. But all its former presidents have attempted to extend their tenure of office.
The Israeli Supreme Court assembled in September 2023 to hear arguments to strike down a controversial judicial overhaul limiting the power of the court to review and overturn government decisions. Debbie Hill/Pool/AFP viaGetty Images

Israel’s highest court protects its power to curb government extremism − 3 essential reads

Israel’s highest court has struck down the government’s law limiting its power. Three scholars look at why the law was proposed, what it aimed to do and who supported – and opposed – it.
Men and boys, many dressed as women, attacking a turnpike gate in protest at charges at tollgates on public roads in west Wales. The Illustrated London News, 1843. World History Archive/Alamy

Why men in 19th century Wales dressed as women to protest taxation

The Rebecca riots saw Welsh farmers disguised as women destroy tollgates as a way of challenging what they believed was an oppressive taxation system.

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