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Can ChatGPT edit fiction? 4 professional editors asked AI to do their job – and it ruined their short story

Technically, ChatGPT can do (some of) the work of a human editor. But an experiment comparing three separate human edits of a literary short story to edits by ChatGPT exposes AI’s serious limitations.
Adania Shibli was awarded the prize for her novel about the 1949 murder of a Palestinian girl by Israeli soldiers. Marco Destefanis/Alamy

Frankfurt book fair: cancelled prize ceremony for Palestinian author is part of a long history of political zigzagging

From dubious guests of honour from oppressive states to allowing far-right publishers to show, Frankfurt Book Fair’s political stances have been all over the place.
Jessica Huntley and Angela Davis at the Keskidee Centre, London, (c.1975). Courtesy of Michael McMillan/Huntley Archives at London Metropolitan Archives

The Black-owned publishing houses that shaped the Windrush generation

Community-produced newsletters informed newcomers of the local shops, clubs and bars that were most welcoming to Caribbean migrants.

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