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Quotas do get more women in senior management, so why is the concept distrusted? Image sourced from

Quotas on the nose: that’s the view from male Australian CEOs

Tuesday’s Australian Financial Review Chanticleer survey of 33 largely male “captains of industry” reveals that quotas to improve the numbers of women in senior management positions are still overwhelmingly…
Whoa there, little lady: women in the workforce face a financial penalty for simply being female. Flickr/ Boston Public Library

Not missing in action: the enduring penalty of ‘being female’

While many aspects of working life have changed in recent decades, the inequality of outcomes experienced by male and female employees has been remarkably resistant. Within corporate Australia the proportion…
The participation of women in the Australian film and television industries hasn’t been steadily increasing in all fields. ABC

Glass ceilings smashing? We need quotas to close the gender gap

So Tony Abbott thinks women have “smashed just about every glass-ceiling” in Australia – and yet, the ceiling still bears down on many of us. During the recent G20 summit the managing director of the International…
Focusing on the numbers will do little to improve gender diversity in Australian businesses. Image from

Numbers don’t tell the whole story on gender diversity

Along with deductions, write-offs and reconciling accounts, Australian businesses have ended the financial year with their second report on diversity strategy and compliance with the ASX Corporate Governance…
Two-thirds of Australia’s ASX500 firms have no female executives, a census released by the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace agency has found.

Australian firms trail world for women in top roles

Australian companies have the lowest percentage of women in top executive roles compared to other countries with equivalent corporate structures, a new report has found. The 2012 Australian Census of Women…
New research has found many industries have recommended the use of quotas to increase women in leadership roles, although their use also evokes negative reaction. Flickr

Exploring the use of quotas for women in leadership roles

In Australia and many other countries, increases in the number of women in senior leadership roles within most corporations have been small and slow to occur. The underemployment and under-utilisation…

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