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Its not just the forests that make the Tarkine distinctive - it is habitat for 117 threatened species of flora and fauna. Jennifer Evans

There’s more to the Tarkine than trees

Tasmania’s Tarkine is now instantly recognisable, evoking ancient forests and environmental controversy. It hasn’t always been so, however, with research and celebration building over the past 40 years…
Bumping into a jaguar in Mexico’s cloud forest could soon be a thing of the past. Kjersti Holmang/Wikimedia Commons

Head in the clouds: reserves won’t save Mexico’s forest

The chances of being roared at by a jaguar in a Mexican cloud forest are already low, but that is precisely what happened to me during a recent fieldwork expedition. I was very lucky to see a jaguar close…
Is this the place for an antimony mine? I guess that depends what an antimony mine is… Karl Vernes

Rain, runoff and rare metals – the toxic threat to the Dorrigo Plateau

Hands up those who’ve heard of antimony. Now, keep them up if you can name its chemical symbol, list the world’s leading producers, or even name a single commercial product that contains the element. Most…

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