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Malaria link to West African bats

Malaria parasites that infect West African bats are closely related to parasites which are used to model human malaria in…
From street scourge to lab hero: rats have provided us with significant insights into human diseases and disorders. ressaure

Animals in research: rats

Our series, Animals in Research, profiles the top organisms used for science experimentation. In this instalment, we look at the original lab rats: Rattus norvegicus. Rats have a long history in medical…
I love the smell of rat poison in the morning… Tony Martin/SGHT

The birdlife of South Georgia is handed another chance

Across the world, the damage caused by invasive alien species is second only to habitat destruction by humans in reducing the planet’s biodiversity. Their effect is especially potent on islands. Cats…
Using lab rats allows us to experiment in ways that would not be acceptable in humans. ressaure

Rats, rewards and mental illness

Many forms of mental illness can affect our moods. But that isn’t all they do: they can also damage our willpower. Problems such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity…

Stress linked to parent’s childhood

Researchers have used rats in a study to discover stress and resilience can be inherited. Rats were used in the study because…

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