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Many countries are dealing with a rapidly rising cost of living. Billion Photos/Shutterstock

Global economy 2023: how countries around the world are tackling the cost of living crisis

Price inflation has hit countries differently, but most central banks and governments are concerned about the rising cost of living in 2023.
Emerging economies are facing mounting debts, and the world needs to figure out how to save them from default. Strarline/Freepik

Why the G20 should defer debt from emerging economies like Indonesia and India – or risk an even worse global recession

Emerging economies such as Brazil, Egypt, India, and Indonesia are vital global players. Saving them from possible debt default may improve the world’s resilience against the looming global recession.
Pandemic-era government support allowed companies to furlough employees while keeping them on the payroll. ImageFlow / Shutterstock

How a new and improved furlough scheme could help the UK tackle recession and economic uncertainty

A redesigned furlough scheme could support people and businesses during the recession without burdening future taxpayers.

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