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For many respondents, leaving a newsroom has allowed a re-evaluation of work-life balance. Mal Fairclough/AAP

New research reveals how Australian journalists are faring four years after redundancy

Since leaving secure jobs in newsrooms, employment has been unstable for many former journalists – but job satisfaction has been surprisingly high.
With every round of redundancies, significant questions arise around the long-term viability of mainstream news media in Australia. AAP/David Moir

Life after redundancy: what happens next for journalists when they leave newsrooms

There is lingering anger among journalists made redundant that expertise and experience seem to have become disposable assets in newsrooms.
Hazelwood power station worker Trevor Birkbeck stands on a property near the power station in Victoria, 2011. David Crosling/AAP

Hazelwood’s closure calls for a rethink on Latrobe Valley solutions

Past attempts to help Latrobe Valley workers weather economic changes haven’t made a difference, so the closure of Hazelwood presents a challenge.
Toyota’s decision to escort redundant workers off-site using security guard caused “undeserved harm” and may also have undermined morale and potentially affected productivity. AAP

Is the Toyota way the only way?

UPDATE: Workers for transport company 1st Fleet were handed redundancy notices when they arrived for work this morning, after the company ceased trading. Are we seeing something of this same attitude recently…
The university says it has to cut hundreds of jobs to pay for building maintenance. Flickr/chengang1029

University of Sydney targets 164 teaching staff for redundancy

More than 100 academic staff at the University of Sydney are set to lose their jobs after receiving emails to inform them they could be made voluntarily redundant by July. The university this morning sent…
The university says it needs to make the cuts to fund upgrades to its buildings and IT network. Flickr/Smiley Man with a Hat

Hundreds at Sydney University to learn their fate next week

Plans by the University of Sydney to post hundreds of letters to staff on a redundancy hit list on Monday afternoon are likely to go ahead after a final round of fractious meetings this afternoon. The…

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